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    Copyright (C) 2004

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.


#include <stdbool.h>
#include <cstdio>

#include <fst.h>
#include <fst/vestige/aeffectx.h>

#include <ardour/session.h>
#include <ardour/tempo.h>
#include <ardour/vst_plugin.h>

#include "i18n.h"

static int debug_callbacks = -1;

#define SHOW_CALLBACK if (debug_callbacks) printf
#define SHOW_CALLBACK(...)

using namespace ARDOUR;

long Session::vst_callback (AEffect* effect,
                      long opcode,
                      long index,
                      long value,
                      void* ptr,
                      float opt)
      static VstTimeInfo _timeInfo;
      VSTPlugin* plug;
      Session* session;

      if (debug_callbacks < 0) {
            debug_callbacks = (getenv ("ARDOUR_DEBUG_VST_CALLBACKS") != 0);
      if (effect && effect->user) {
              plug = (VSTPlugin*) (effect->user);
            session = &plug->session();
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("am callback 0x%x, opcode = %ld, plugin = \"%s\" ", pthread_self(), opcode, plug->name());
      } else {
            plug = 0;
            session = 0;
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("am callback 0x%x, opcode = %ld", pthread_self(), opcode);


      case audioMasterAutomate:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterAutomate\n");
            // index, value, returns 0
            if (effect) {
                  effect->setParameter (effect, index, opt);
            return 0;

      case audioMasterVersion:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterVersion\n");
            // vst version, currently 2 (0 for older)
            return 2;

      case audioMasterCurrentId:    
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterCurrentId\n");
            // returns the unique id of a plug that's currently
            // loading
            return 0;
      case audioMasterIdle:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterIdle\n");
            // call application idle routine (this will
            // call effEditIdle for all open editors too) 
            if (effect) {
                  effect->dispatcher(effect, effEditIdle, 0, 0, NULL, 0.0f);
            return 0;

      case audioMasterPinConnected:       
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterPinConnected\n");
            // inquire if an input or output is beeing connected;
            // index enumerates input or output counting from zero:
            // value is 0 for input and != 0 otherwise. note: the
            // return value is 0 for <true> such that older versions
            // will always return true.
            return 1;

      case audioMasterWantMidi:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterWantMidi\n");
            // <value> is a filter which is currently ignored
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetTime:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetTime\n");
            // returns const VstTimeInfo* (or 0 if not supported)
            // <value> should contain a mask indicating which fields are required
            // (see valid masks above), as some items may require extensive
            // conversions
            memset(&_timeInfo, 0, sizeof(_timeInfo));
            if (session) {
                  _timeInfo.samplePos = session->transport_frame();
                  _timeInfo.sampleRate = session->frame_rate();
                  _timeInfo.flags = 0;
                  if (value & (kVstTempoValid)) {
                        const Tempo& t (session->tempo_map().tempo_at (session->transport_frame()));
                        _timeInfo.tempo = t.beats_per_minute ();
                        _timeInfo.flags |= (kVstTempoValid);
                  if (value & (kVstBarsValid)) {
                        const Meter& m (session->tempo_map().meter_at (session->transport_frame()));
                        _timeInfo.timeSigNumerator = m.beats_per_bar ();
                        _timeInfo.timeSigDenominator = m.note_divisor ();
                        _timeInfo.flags |= (kVstBarsValid);
                  if (session->transport_speed() != 0.0f) {
                        _timeInfo.flags |= kVstTransportPlaying;

            return (long)&_timeInfo;

      case audioMasterProcessEvents:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterProcessEvents\n");
            // VstEvents* in <ptr>
            return 0;

      case audioMasterSetTime:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterSetTime\n");
            // VstTimenfo* in <ptr>, filter in <value>, not supported

      case audioMasterTempoAt:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterTempoAt\n");
            // returns tempo (in bpm * 10000) at sample frame location passed in <value>
            if (session) {
                  const Tempo& t (session->tempo_map().tempo_at (value));
                  return t.beats_per_minute() * 1000;
            } else {
                  return 0;

      case audioMasterGetNumAutomatableParameters:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetNumAutomatableParameters\n");
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetParameterQuantization: 
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetParameterQuantization\n");
               // returns the integer value for +1.0 representation,
             // or 1 if full single float precision is maintained
               // in automation. parameter index in <value> (-1: all, any)
            return 0;

      case audioMasterIOChanged:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterIOChanged\n");
             // numInputs and/or numOutputs has changed
            return 0;

      case audioMasterNeedIdle:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterNeedIdle\n");
            // plug needs idle calls (outside its editor window)
            if (plug) {
                  plug->fst()->wantIdle = 1;
            return 0;

      case audioMasterSizeWindow:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterSizeWindow\n");
            // index: width, value: height
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetSampleRate:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetSampleRate\n");
            if (session) {
                  return session->frame_rate();
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetBlockSize:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetBlockSize\n");
            if (session) {
                  return session->get_block_size();
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetInputLatency:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetInputLatency\n");
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetOutputLatency:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetOutputLatency\n");
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetPreviousPlug:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetPreviousPlug\n");
             // input pin in <value> (-1: first to come), returns cEffect*
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetNextPlug:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetNextPlug\n");
             // output pin in <value> (-1: first to come), returns cEffect*

      case audioMasterWillReplaceOrAccumulate:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterWillReplaceOrAccumulate\n");
             // returns: 0: not supported, 1: replace, 2: accumulate
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetCurrentProcessLevel:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetCurrentProcessLevel\n");
            // returns: 0: not supported,
            // 1: currently in user thread (gui)
            // 2: currently in audio thread (where process is called)
            // 3: currently in 'sequencer' thread (midi, timer etc)
            // 4: currently offline processing and thus in user thread
            // other: not defined, but probably pre-empting user thread.
            return 0;
      case audioMasterGetAutomationState:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetAutomationState\n");
            // returns 0: not supported, 1: off, 2:read, 3:write, 4:read/write
            // offline
            return 0;

      case audioMasterOfflineStart:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterOfflineStart\n");
      case audioMasterOfflineRead:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterOfflineRead\n");
             // ptr points to offline structure, see below. return 0: error, 1 ok
            return 0;

      case audioMasterOfflineWrite:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterOfflineWrite\n");
            // same as read
            return 0;

      case audioMasterOfflineGetCurrentPass:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterOfflineGetCurrentPass\n");
      case audioMasterOfflineGetCurrentMetaPass:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterOfflineGetCurrentMetaPass\n");
            return 0;

      case audioMasterSetOutputSampleRate:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterSetOutputSampleRate\n");
            // for variable i/o, sample rate in <opt>
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetSpeakerArrangement:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetSpeakerArrangement\n");
            // (long)input in <value>, output in <ptr>
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetVendorString:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetVendorString\n");
            // fills <ptr> with a string identifying the vendor (max 64 char)
            strcpy ((char*) ptr, "Linux Audio Systems");
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetProductString:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetProductString\n");
            // fills <ptr> with a string with product name (max 64 char)
            strcpy ((char*) ptr, "Ardour");
            return 0;

      case audioMasterGetVendorVersion:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetVendorVersion\n");
            // returns vendor-specific version
            return 900;
      case audioMasterVendorSpecific:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterVendorSpecific\n");
            // no definition, vendor specific handling
            return 0;
      case audioMasterSetIcon:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterSetIcon\n");
            // void* in <ptr>, format not defined yet
            return 0;
      case audioMasterCanDo:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterCanDo\n");
            // string in ptr, see below
            return 0;
      case audioMasterGetLanguage:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetLanguage\n");
            // see enum
            return 0;
      case audioMasterOpenWindow:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterOpenWindow\n");
            // returns platform specific ptr
            return 0;
      case audioMasterCloseWindow:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterCloseWindow\n");
            // close window, platform specific handle in <ptr>
            return 0;
      case audioMasterGetDirectory:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterGetDirectory\n");
            // get plug directory, FSSpec on MAC, else char*
            return 0;
      case audioMasterUpdateDisplay:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterUpdateDisplay\n");
            // something has changed, update 'multi-fx' display
            if (effect) {
                  effect->dispatcher(effect, effEditIdle, 0, 0, NULL, 0.0f);
            return 0;
      case audioMasterBeginEdit:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterBeginEdit\n");
            // begin of automation session (when mouse down), parameter index in <index>
            return 0;
      case audioMasterEndEdit:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterEndEdit\n");
            // end of automation session (when mouse up),     parameter index in <index>
            return 0;
      case audioMasterOpenFileSelector:
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterOpenFileSelector\n");
            // open a fileselector window with VstFileSelect* in <ptr>
            return 0;
            SHOW_CALLBACK ("VST master dispatcher: undefed: %d\n", opcode);
      return 0;

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