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void Gtk::Widget::show (  )  [inherited]

Flags a widget to be displayed. Any widget that isn't shown will not appear on the screen. If you want to show all the widgets in a container, it's easier to call show_all() on the container, instead of individually showing the widgets.

Remember that you have to show the containers containing a widget, in addition to the widget itself, before it will appear onscreen.

When a toplevel container is shown, it is immediately realized and mapped; other shown widgets are realized and mapped when their toplevel container is realized and mapped.

Definition at line 5068 of file widget.cc.

References Gtk::Widget::gobj().

Referenced by Gtk::Bin::add_label(), Gtk::Bin::add_pixmap(), Gtk::Main::run(), VisualTimeAxis::set_height(), and TimeAxisView::show_at().


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