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CAAUParameter Class Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file CAAUParameter.h.

Public Member Functions

 CAAUParameter (const CAAUParameter &a)
 CAAUParameter (AudioUnitParameter &inParam)
 CAAUParameter (AudioUnit au, AudioUnitParameterID param, AudioUnitScope scope, AudioUnitElement element)
 CAAUParameter ()
bool GetClumpID (UInt32 &outClumpID) const
CFStringRef GetName () const
int GetNumIndexedParams () const
CFStringRef GetParamName (int inIndex) const
CFStringRef GetParamTag () const
CFStringRef GetStringFromValueCopy (const Float32 *value=NULL) const
Float32 GetValue () const
Float32 GetValueFromString (CFStringRef str) const
bool HasDisplayTransformation () const
bool HasNamedParams () const
bool IsExpert () const
bool IsIndexedParam () const
bool operator< (const CAAUParameter &a) const
CAAUParameteroperator= (const CAAUParameter &a)
bool operator== (const CAAUParameter &a) const
const AudioUnitParameterInfo & ParamInfo () const
void Save (CFPropertyListRef &outData) const
void SetValue (AUParameterListenerRef inListener, void *inObject, Float32 inValue) const
bool ValuesHaveStrings () const
 ~CAAUParameter ()

Static Public Member Functions

static OSStatus Restore (const CFPropertyListRef inData, AudioUnitParameter &outParam)
static void Save (const AudioUnitParameter &inParam, CFPropertyListRef &outData)

Protected Attributes

CFArrayRef mNamedParams
short mNumIndexedParams
AudioUnitParameterInfo mParamInfo
CFStringRef mParamName
CFStringRef mParamTag

Private Member Functions

void Init (AudioUnit au, AudioUnitParameterID param, AudioUnitScope scope, AudioUnitElement element)

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